Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

The Extra & Co-Curricular Activities are intended towards making the students realise their responsibility to their family and to the society to which they are a part. Participation in any one of the clubs will help the children for independent thinking, self realisation, self organisation, mutual help to others and to understand the dignity of labour through community service. In addition to this various clubs greatly help the children acquire social skills, life skills, language skills and other important components of life for them to be a full fledged human being.


Motto : “Be Prepared”
The children enrolled to be a member of this oldest International organisation of Scouts and Guides, of which the father of our nation M.K. Gandhi and former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru were members too, involve themselves in various community activities and reach the unreached to impart basic literacy to the underprivileged who are not educated by adopting villages in the neighbourhood.


Motto: “Do Your Best”
Cubs and Bulbuls is the first lap in the journey towards Scouting and Guiding. It prepares boys and girls to take up bigger tasks in scouting and guiding and also helps in their mental and physical growth. The Primary students enrol themselves and participate enthusiastically in all the activities


Motto: “Never, ever give up”
The children of the chess club prove to become increasingly strong in academics as their concentration, positive thinking and decision making ability improve and they exhibit their optimum potential. The children of the club are given rigorous training by the experts and stalwarts from external clubs during school hours as they grow up to excel in the game with the dream of becoming Viswanathan Anand of the future.


Motto: "Bloom where you are planted"
The club aims at providing greenery to the campus with its various activities. Each child is given an assignment under the title “Root & Shoot” which helps to learn about the evolution of plants. The students understand that plants take in carbon-dioxide and give out oxygen and hence their importance for clean air.


Motto: " Motto- Unity and Discipline"
The NCC wing of AMPS functions in unison with the aim of the NCC itself which is to develop character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and the ideals of selfless service among youth to make them useful citizens. The cadets are given basic military training under the guidance of our NCC officer.


Motto: “Quest for Mathematical skills”
The mathematics club which is named ofter the great Indian mathematician Ramanujam, aims at developing the mathematical skills of the students who are a part of this club by improving their analytical, logical and reasoning skills which in turn helps the students develop an interest for maths and also to perform better in other subjects which leads to cracking competitive exams like Olympiads.


Theatre is a collaborative form of performing art that uses live performers to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience. It needs a lot of skill to play the role of the character which creates an impact on the viewer. It also teaches the students the art of public speaking and to shun stage fear.


Motto: "Read. Write, Converse, Ponder and Enjoy"
Literary club aims at creating an interest in literature of languages by organising debates, discussions, dramas and poetry writing workshops. This also enhances the LSRW skills of the students in that language and also helps them gain confidence in the art of public speaking.


Motto: “Stretch and Relax”
Yoga which has its roots in India is becoming a way of life even in western countries. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety in the students for improving their emotional and physical well-being. On practising it regularly they not only gain physical fitness but also improve on their mental stability which helps them stay calm in all situations.


Dance as a form of art is an integral part of our culture.Students who develop an interest to learn this art enrol in this club and are trained by a professional Bharatnatiyam teacher. The proper professional training imparted to the students helps them to participate in various cultural competitions outside and win prizes.


Motto: “Music Speaks”
Music is a language of expression in itself. Each child is unique in talent. The club identifies such children and gives them training both in vocal and instrumental within school hours. This could well be a turning point in the lives of the students who can take music as a career and dream of becoming the Mozart of India in future.


Motto: “Crafting your Curiosity”
The purpose of the art and craft club is to bring out the creativity in the children. They learn to express their thoughts through painting, clay modelling and other craft work. The club helps in unleashing their potential and to showcase their creative talents in various inter school competition.


Motto: “Think beyond the sky”
Students of this club acquire knowledge about the space, the history and future of the universe, planets, stars and galaxies. Students are enlightened when they study the evolution of stars and how planets move through the space. Their interest in astronomy is kindled to the extent that many of them want to be future Kalpana Chawlas.


Motto: “Go green, Breathe clean”
The eco-club of the school creates awareness on the importance of ecological balance by reducing, recycling and reusing. The club organizes rallies promoting the importance of reduction of pollution during Diwali and Bhogi.

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